Conference on Innovative politics 2018

Conference on Innovative politics 2018

...a ještě něco navíc09.00 - 15.00Sněmovní 7
1700 CZK
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about innovative approaches for the politics and policymaking,

with the people who innovate the politics from external business or civic sector,

with those who can apply the innovations in policy making.


How millennials shape the politics with the innovations in 21st century?

What is the innovation by grass root democracy and what are the best cases from Europe?


How innovations in research and new technology can shape public sector?

The purpose is one inspiring day in Prague where people who have contributed to policy changes in their respected countries exchange their ideas and improvements they have done in the area of public politics or citizens' initiatives enhancing the changes in the sector of politics and policy making. We see that the current state of politics and the way of policy making isn’t currently based on innovation, the needs of the citizens, or grass root initiatives. We see that the world of business and start ups has increased in innovation and the sector of politics and policy making risks being left behind. Dialogue and collaboration are missing in society. We need to involve the different stakeholders and adopt the wisdom of the new business paradigm. New markets, products and services are emerging at rapid pace almost every day and politics and regulations need to reflect these changes quickly in the Visegrad region. We are bringing people who have taken their stand for innovating the public sector and policy making and have demonstrated the new way in their respective countries.


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